Taking off the mask is inspired from serving in the church at the highest levels of leadership for almost forty years.
After seeing so many people hurt and turned off by the hypocrisy of the church,  I embraced my assignment to expose the harm that the church is doing to so many people. This is what birthed the riveting book The Hypocrisy of the Church.
“God is Unfolding the truth in this Book!”
James Allen's books are opening my eyes and giving me hope that my search will be satisfied! And that God is guiding the whole process!
Aimee Tustin 32, Indiana
“A Must Read, Period!”
I have been aching for something more pertaining to my relationships with the other members of the body of Christ. I wasn't quite sure If what I was after was biblical or realistic.
Tyrese King 51, Georgia
“Allen Leads the Strings!”
this book put words to where my mind has been about church in a way that i would of had a difficult time on my own.great reference to see what the actual church is!
James Jacob  46, NewYork
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